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The firm Seminee Design was founded in 2005, having as main activity the installation of fireplaces, chimneys and garden ovens.

The administrator of this firm is Mr. Florin Restea, stave builder by trade. He began his career as early as 1997, evolving gradually from the building/installing of the classical firebrick staves to the modern and high performance fireplaces of today.

The first contact with modern fireplaces and installing techniques was made in Germany in 2000, as main installer for the firm Simcor Group, attending constant specialty classes organized by renowned firms such as Brunner, Ortner, Schiedel, Edilkamin, BeF Home and others.

Today we use the newest materials and installing techniques, being your ideal partner for installing a fireplace in your home.


Ne aflăm într-o relaţie de excelentă colaborare cu firmele Brunner, Ortner, Schiedel, Edilkamin şi BeF Home în ce priveşte achiziţionarea de şeminee, coşuri de fum, componente ceramice, materiale de izolaţie şi de îmbinare.

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We are in an excellent cooperation with Brunner, Ortner, Schiedel, Edilkamin and BeF Home regarding the procurement of fireplaces, chimneys, ceramic components and insulation and joining materials.

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